Unstructured Graffiti


I swallowed a dictionary
Page by page
Then vomited it back up.
I wanted see if the words
Would emerge making sense.

My outpouring became
Unstructured graffiti.
Dripping down walls
Sliding and merging

Ignoring my stained clothes
Dripping and forming puddles round my feet
I tried to make sense of this chaos.
But there was no order
No matter how close I looked.

Surrounded by bile
I admitted defeat.
I shook the words from my hands
Then went home
Hungry again.




I’m an unstructured poet
Writing words
That I stretch to fit
Indeterminate subjects.
These are DLO words
Often failing to deliver.
Ideas lost in translation
Between brain and pen.
Part digested themes
Regurgitated as concepts.
Luckily I cherish all
My warped offspring.
Nurturing them
Until they are ready
To breath, leave and
Finally live.