Keep Going

You dragged yourself through last week and now it’s starting all over again,
It’s another Monday and you wake to your alarm’s incessant cry of pain.
You vaguely recall another weekend that flew by much too fast,
So you force yourself out of bed when your brain is begging you to crash.
Stumbling around your flat in the gloom and cold,
Your body complaining of aches and pains, you feel prematurely old.
Slumped in your untidy kitchen you eat your toast alone,
As you summon up the will to get up and leave your home.
Setting off to the bus dragging your feet,
Kicking at the dead leaves clogging the street.
The wind is like an icy fist punching you in the face,
You feel like a conscientious objector to the human race.
Hoping if you make it to the end of the week they’ll be a solution
Then maybe, just maybe to your problems they’ll be some resolution.
But buried deep within you is the thought that this isn’t true,
This will yet again be just another week of surviving as you.
And the only real goal for which you feel you should strive,
Is trying to make it to the end of another week alive.


Monday is an Easy Target.



Monday’s child is just pissed off.

School kids jostle by the bus stop
Pasties in greasy bags displayed.
Weekend litter clogs the gutters
There’s no doubt it’s a Monday.
Waiting impatiently for the bus
Counting those going the other way
Car drivers try to splash you
No need to check it’s a Monday.
Wet newspapers litter the bus
Smokers light cigarettes
Sticky bus seat grips you tightly
Monday has got you in its net.
I-pod’s dead as my enthusiasm
Phone has run out of charge.
Bus is stuck in traffic, no surprise
When Monday hits, it hits hard.

Monday is often targeted as the worse day of the week for obvious reasons but for years I hated Sundays more due to being dragged to church, the poor choice of what to watch on telly and the dread of returning to school the next day.

However once I started work Monday quickly grew to surpass Sunday as my least favourite day of the week ( bank holiday Mondays being the exception ) and a popular choice to write about as is shown here and here.

So no surprises that this Monday sees another Monday poem, this time a compilation of woes and bus journeys.


Frothy Coffee – a true story.

My frothy coffee
I sip with care.
But my frothy coffee
Makes people stare.
At my frothy coffee
T-shirt splash.
And my frothy coffee
Foam moustache.


Starting the day with a nice cup of coffee is a must, but beware !


Starting the Week

I know it’s clichéd but I have to say,
That Monday is my least favorite day.
The loathing for it starts as I get out of bed,
Starting the week kick starts my dread.
As I wake I think, what is about this day?
Why do I always start the week this way?
Why do I always start Mondays a mess?
You see no other day causes me such stress.
Tuesdays and Wednesday for me hold no fear,
Thursdays are better and on Friday I cheer.
Then at the weekend my chest pains cease,
I grin happily and smile with relief.
But as I wake to another Monday,
The warmth of the weekend just melts away.
So as I said why is Monday a problem?
I wanted to know just what’s going on!
So I carried out surveys and internet polls,
Had blood tests and spoke to other poor souls.
I spoke to psychologists and anyone who’d listen,
About Mondays and just what was the missing
Link which causes us to groan at its mention,
Or shake all over with hypertension.
Well the results came back in vast amounts,
All the data was held to account.
I analysed the summary from all its reams,
It seems hating Monday is all in your genes.
You see just as genetics determine eye colour
You’ll hate Monday if so did your mother.
This hatred will then be twice as bad,
If Mondays were also despised by your dad.
So there it is, the results of my work.
Which leave me feeling like a bit of a jerk,
So we know why people hate Monday for sure,
But all this research has left me quite poor.
So future Mondays will still leave us mean,
Until I save enough to research a vaccine.