Taking the Plunge

When I finally worked up the courage
to take the plunge and ask you out,
I felt as lost as a diver
plummeting to the bottom of the inky sea.
Buffeted by currents
I panicked about what I’d fallen in to.
Until you pulled my helpless body
to the surface where
I floundered gasping for oxygen
as you pounded on my chest and
started my heart beating again.


Lost Love Letters

Heart envelope

Sometimes love letters can go astray,
Ending up lost on a sorting room shelf.
Bundled away from the light of day,
Forced to keep their love to themselves.

Once pretty heart festooned envelopes fade,
Their contents never to reveal.
Unable to make someones day,
Another broken heart that will never heal.

So these letters are thrown in a dark room,
Left there to contemplate their fate.
Alone with nothing but their pity and gloom,
While expectant lovers for them still wait.