What if you just really didn’t want to smile?
What if for you happiness felt like a trial?
What if you don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve?
What if you don’t want you emotions displayed for all to see?
Would you instead try to always fake it?
Hide behind a smile that makes your face ache.
Let people see you as the life and soul,
But you’re worried that if the truth is told,
That if you reveal your real state
That if you reveal you feel life isn’t great
People and friends will judge you
Forcing out what you are going through.
So everyday you choose to hide
What’s burning you up inside.
Everyday you put on your smiling mask
Hoping what’s behind it no one will ask.

Another poem inspired by Dr Who, the time the episode “Smile,” where to give away that you were feeling sad might lead to your death. A world where you must smile despite all that is going on around you can resonate.

Here’s a link to my poem based on the Dr Who Episode “The Pilot”


Not quite a dedicated follower of Time Lord fashion


In a dress coat I looked like a stalker not a grandfather
And my cosmic hobo look was certainly more hobo.
My velvet jacket made me look like a standard lamp
And my very long scarf made running fast a no go.
Wearing some celery just raised people’s eyebrows
And my multicoloured coat just made people curse.
My question marked jumper was always ignored
And my frock coat look was just plain worse.
I’m too old to put on a worn leather jacket
And Converse just make my poor old feet cry.
Last but not least I was never really cool enough
To put on a red fez or a spotty bow tie.

You can take my sonic screwdriver when you prise it from my cold dead fingers

36 years of an increasing unearthly obsession,
36 years of an increasing toy collection,
36 years of looking forward to each Saturday night,
36 years of wondering who’d win a Dalek Cyberman fight,
36 years and one very painful tattoo,
36 years of enjoying Dr Who.


If there is one thing I have always loved during my many years on this planet it is the TV program Dr Who, I have often thought about writing a poem in tribute to my time lord love but was worried it might come across a bit geeky. Then I thought what the hell I’ll write one anyway.

I wish I was a Dalek.



I wish that I was a Dalek,
Secure in my shiny metal case.
Gliding backwards and forwards,
Alone in the blackness of space.

I wish that I was a Dalek,
Genetically modified not to feel.
Being devoid of all emotions,
Really has a certain appeal.

I wish that I was a Dalek,
Armed with my own ray gun.
Then my disparagers and critics,
I’ll exterminate everyone.

Melancholia rules today as its been an odd week for me, but don’t worry this isn’t going to turn into an EMO blog . What I am going to post though is the closest I might ever come to writing an EMO type poem ! Normal service will be resumed next week, preferably after consuming beer after work tonight.