My new poetry book “A Pigeon Among the Cats” is now available

After a lot of hard work my new poetry collection “A Pigeon Among the Cats,” is now finished and out in the world, flying free. Published by Pretty Tattered Soul Press run by the fantastic Paul B Morris the book can be found on Amazon right now.

The UK version can be found here, paperback or Kindle

The US version can be found here, paperback or Kindle

Here’s the title poem from the book….

Some days I feel like a neurotic pigeon,
pecking out a meagre existence,
surviving on my dumb luck alone
in a world full of cats.
I constantly walk on eggshells,
while all around me the
sleek fat chic pad confidently by,
their lips curled in sneers or snarls.

I’m an endangered species
with no defence except
my novelty value.
Which is no real protection for a neurotic pigeon
whose dumb luck could run out at any time,
constantly scrabbling to exist
in a world full of cats.
A pigeon who realises that his problem is
he’s that bloody stupid he’s forgotten he’s got wings.



Winter Warmers my new seasonal poetry collection is available.


So to celebrate the season I’ve put together a small collection of festive poetry entitled “Winter Warmers.” The book is available online or if you’re local from Southcart Books in Walsall.

Click here to buy Winter Warmers

The book contains as you’d imagine a selection of my Winter/Christmas related poems and is a steal at only £2:20 plus postage and packing. I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget there is still time to contribute to my collection of poetry for charity, click here.

My Beer Froth has gone global

2016 beer froth new back cover 1200 1800

I’m pleased to announce that my poetry collection “Beer Froth” is now available on Kindle, meaning it should be available round most of the world at a reasonable price.

Here’s a couple of links…

To buy the book if you are in the UK then please click here.

To buy the book if you are in the USA then click here.

If you are kind enough to buy the book and you enjoy it please let me know and maybe think about leaving me a review on Amazon, If you’ve already bought a copy then thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

New Walsall poetry collection seeks local poets

UPDATE This project has closed but click here to find out how to submit to our new book


Today sees the launch of a new Walsall poetry project which is seeking to publish the works of local poets in a book to be released later this year.

The project is the work of the Walsall Poetry Society, a local group of poets from Walsall and the West Midlands and it’s very easy to get involved.

If you are a local poet or Walsall ex-pat and want to contribute it couldn’t be simpler, just email three of your poems to . The length, style and subject of what you choose to send are left to the poet’s discretion, the society welcomes all types of poetry. Please be aware that the copyright of all published works will remain with the author.Once available the book will be sold for a modest amount of money which will be donated to a local charity.

So please get writing, the society looks forward to hearing from you, the deadline for submissions is the end of February 2016, with the book looking to be launched the following month at the earliest.

This announcement was bought to you by the site’s owner Richard Archer, a member of the Walsall Poetry Society and editor of the forthcoming book.