After Poetry there should always come Beer

After poetry
there should always come beer.
Bitter hops match
the poet’s temperament,
slowly sipping dark beer
trying to quell darker thoughts.

Glasses are clunked down
contemplation commences.
Staring into froth,
wondering what will appear.

This poem is the spiritual successor to this little poem that at the time of writing I was unaware would grow into my first book of poetry.


My Beer Froth has gone global

2016 beer froth new back cover 1200 1800

I’m pleased to announce that my poetry collection “Beer Froth” is now available on Kindle, meaning it should be available round most of the world at a reasonable price.

Here’s a couple of links…

To buy the book if you are in the UK then please click here.

To buy the book if you are in the USA then click here.

If you are kind enough to buy the book and you enjoy it please let me know and maybe think about leaving me a review on Amazon, If you’ve already bought a copy then thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

National Libraries Day – the day after

cannock library

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be involved in the local celebration of National Libraries Day, as myself and other members of the Walsall Poetry Society took part in Cannock Litfest. This was a great event where local poets, historians, authors and illustrators gathered to meet the public and each other to talk about their work.

I had a table where I could display the second edition of my current poetry book and chat to interested folks as they came to browse.

national libraries day my display

To say the day was busy would be an understatement as I juggled selling books, holding an impromptu poetry workshop on Frozen and meeting the other attendees. I really enjoyed the day and just want to say thanks to Cannock Library for inviting myself and other Walsall Poetry Society members.

And we made the paper, click here.

The Doughnut Prayer

The Doughnut Prayer


Here’s a poem from my book “Beer Froth” tarted up a bit for the blog, hope you like the picture.

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Beer Froth my first published poetry book is now available.

Long term fans of the blog may have noticed content has been slow these last few months. Well I can finally reveal why. I’ve been busy writing, editing and self publishing my first poetry anthology ” Beer Froth.”

Beer Froth poetry book by Richard Archer

Beer Froth is a collection of my favorite poems from this site, edited specially for this collection and some brand new poetical work as well. Here is the book’s advertising spiel…

Beer Froth is a collection of poetry from Walsall poet Richard Archer. From pork scratchings and unicorns to OCD and Were-Hamsters this poetry anthology covers all these and more. A collection designed to hopefully make you laugh and think, not necessarily in that order.

The book contains nearly sixty poems, each with its own Director’s Commentary. Here I try to explain a bit about the poem’s influences and what thoughts went through my head that led me to write them.

So where can you get a copy of the book well follow this link to go to Lulu and snap up a copy. Currently the book is only available in print, I’m trying to figure out how to get a digital copy out there but bear with me while I work it all out. If you buy a copy and like the book please leave a review which will help me to promote it.

If you live in the West Midlands and would like to hear me read any of my work, or have poems of your own you’d like to share, why not consider joining the Walsall Poetry Society and participate in one of their open mic nights as I do. To find out more just click the link below.

If you enjoy this blog fear not I’m still going to put poems here every month.

Thanks for reading this


Praise for Beer Froth from the Walsall Poetry Society.

” This book made me laugh, it made me feel patriotic, it made me feel soppy…it has done the one thing it was supposed to do, it made me feel and therefore the book has done its job and done it well.”




More Webook Memories – Beer Froth

I’m still trawling my webook archives  ( instead of working shhh ! ) and this poem leapt out at me. It was supposed to be the title page of a poetry book that for various reasons never happened but now with e-books and kindles who knows ?


Beer froth makes many shapes,
At its versatility I often gape.
I sip, then I will eagerly peer,
Waiting for a new shape to appear.
But the happiness never lasts,
I’ve reached the bottom of the glass.
Well there is only one thing to do,
That’s buy another beer or two.