All about Richard Archer

Hi, I’m Richard Archer a 46 year old Walsall and Black Country poet and chairman of the Walsall Poetry Society. Welcome to my website which showcases my poetry work.

I first started writing poetry on a regular basis when I wrote and recorded a series of poems about the computer game Dungeons and Dragons Online. After a year of doing that I moved into more conventional poetry and dedicated this website to showcasing my work.

Since then I’ve published my two books of poetry called Beer Froth – which you can buy here – and Poems on the Bus which you can buy here. Plus started performing my work live.

This is a picture of me performing at Southcart Books to celebrate World Poetry Day 2015.

Richard Archer at Southcart books for World Poetry Day

Here I am at the Cannock Fringe Festival 2015.

Richard Archer at cannock fringe

This video is of me performing my poem “Marmite Covered Jelly Babies,” at Walsall Library, for the Walsall Festival 2015.

This video is of me performing my poem “The ABC Cinema,”at Walsall Library, for the Walsall Festival 2015.

Here’s some pictures of me performing at Eerie Ink tattoo studio

Richard Archer pic 3 Richard Archer pic 4

Here I am with Walsall poet LaGriff at Juniper, after giving a poetry workshop to some of their students.

Richard and Bryan at Juniper

All work on this site copyright Richard Archer.

7 thoughts on “All about Richard Archer

  1. Hi Richard, I like your site, and thank you for adding my quote, I wasn’t sure what you thought of my review. Your poetry is really good and I love works that make me feel. If it doesn’t then I can’t review it. I won’t give a bad review, if I can’t give a good or satisfactory one, then I won’t give one at all. As a fellow writer, I know how much work goes into a book and yours is no exception. I am glad the Walsall Poetry Society has inspired you, you all inspire me too, in fact, I would go as far to say that we all inspire each other. It just goes to show how much good an organisation like the WPS can do for writers and aspiring writers. You should be proud of yourself, I know I am.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you all reviews are good if they help the writer and drive them on to better work. I’m glad you like the site it’s taken a lot of work over a few years so I’m quite proud of it. Hope one day to be able to review a book of your poems which I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only person to enjoy


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