The Olympic Torch comes to Walsall

The Olympic torch passed through my home town of Walsall last saturday and I was interested to note that in most newspaper articles including this one something about its visit was overlooked.

Well here is my story of the torch’s visit with the missing event inserted.

The buses are all jammed
And the streets are packed.
A huge crowd has gathered
But for what you may ask ?
The Olympic torch is coming
The Olympic torch is here.
It’s coming through Walsall
So raise a mighty cheer !
Policemen hold the crowd back
Kids are ready with flags.
It’s late as it’s blown out
Josh the good-natured wags.
Everyone feels proud
This is a day for the diary.
As the torch gets nearer
And passes the library.
And by the Town Hall
The crowd are hushed.
But hold on whats this ?
The torch has gone for lunch !
Into the Town Hall it’s gone
And only some saw the torch !
Further along people wait
Feeling left in the lurch.
Children are bemused
Adults are just cross.
Wandering about leaving
But their place might be lost.
Why is the torch having lunch ?
Why wasn’t the runner changed ?
Why no thought for the crowd ?
At least it hasn’t rained !
At last the torch finishes lunch
At last to see it we’re able.
Though next time Walsall please
Tell us lunch is on the timetable !





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