The Indomitable British Spirit.

Partly based on my weekend.

The wind was blowing and the sky was grey
And promising rain later in the day.
Sensible people were staying indoors
Catching up on their weekend chores.
But father who by weather was not swayed
Announced, ” I think we’ll have a barbecue today. ”
So despite the wind beginning to worsen,
Neighbours peering through their curtains.
Saw the grill dragged out and dusted off
And coals lit and start to get hot.
Then Father coaxed the flames with a paraffin splash
While dodging the blowing hot wind-swept ash.
And the barbecue began to smoulder
As the temperature grew even colder.
Mother loaded the table with cutlery things,
And salad plus potatoes and serviette rings.
Each weighted down with anything to hand
To stop them blowing across the land.
Then as sausages and burgers began to blacken
Still the wind didn’t slacken.
And plumes of smoke blew all around
Threatening to summon Cherokee to town.


Muse A.W.O.L

Your prognosis isn’t good son,
Sorry you bought that new pen.
You see when all is said and done
It’s unlikely you’ll see your muse again.

My pincer like fingers grip the chair,
As I grind my teeth like mill wheels.
My look turns into a  glassy stare,
And I realise that nothing will be the same again,


Or until the next poem ?

DDOcast 227

Bit behind on the old blogging this week, tomorrows poem will explain why. Anyway here is this weeks DDOcast poetry segment about scorpions.

ddo poetry corner 47

It’s Beer O’clock.

Tick tock, tick tock,
It’ll soon be beer o’clock.
A nation of workers sit and wait,
With their minds on imminent escape.
And temporary relief from the rat race,
By getting completely shit faced.

Tick tock, tick tock,
Now at last its beer o’clock.
And at the bar a nation stands,
Glasses clutched in eager hands.
Dry throats now nicely wet,
Wages being quickly spent.

Tick tock, tick tock,
It’s now well after beer o’clock.
And the pubs now stand empty,
Bereft of the boozing gentry.
Who are staggering to the chip shop,
As it’s now kebab o’clock.