Pub Armistice


Wine glass stems gripped so tight they might break,
Lighters flicked on and off illuminating,
Two pairs of eyes that don’t want to meet.
While their offspring springs off on his scooter,
To investigate the fruit machine’s lights,
Oblivious to this cold war on a summer’s day.

While sat with a pint in my local yesterday afternoon I pondered that  since a lot of pubs have now become ” family friendly, ”  a lot more families can now be found in all manner of establishments that might once have closed their doors to them.

I have no problems with this, in fact as a father I welcome the idea of good cheap food in a convenient location that also serves good beer. However it struck me the other night how many couples now seem to use the pub as neutral ground to meet to discuss their domestic disputes while their offspring run merrily around drinking a soft drink. Needless to say such thoughts lead to poetry.


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