An Ode to my first ever Star Wars Action Figure.

Have a great Star Wars day folks, here’s a poem I wrote about my very first Star Wars action figure.

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Death Squad Commander Star Wars Action Figure

I remember how keen my fingers were
To tear you quickly out of your box.
Then equip you with your trusty blaster,
Which up our Hoover was soon lost.
Oh Star Wars Death Squad commander
I loved you despite your lack of elbows and knees.
I was just happy to own a piece of Star Wars
In those days us kids were easy to please.
Sadly I couldn’t afford the Death Star
To give you a base from which to command.
So from an old box the washer came in,
I armed myself with a black felt and a plan.
To transform that mountain of waste card,
Into what I thought for you was a fitting base.
Full of trap doors, exhaust ports and cell blocks,
Plus a hidden trash compactor space.
So when you adventured with Action Man,
Or fought off a LEGO rebel attack.
You defended your cardboard Empire with…

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The Dirty Dozen, with Judy Martin

Another terrific interview from Al

A Certain Point of View

Welcome to another edition of The Dirty Dozen!

This week, I’m delighted to be hosting Judy Martin in the Dirty Dozen “hotseat”.

Judy is a prolific and engaging blogger-poet, who has just completed NaPoWriMo, and has recently released her first self-published collection of poetry – Rhymes of the Times. One Amazon reviewer described this as “Whimsy and fun with a side of ‘sauce’ “, and I completely agree! You can find it here – and her blog is at:

Read the interview HERE!

The Dirty Dozen

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I’m sitting in the pub corner,
Comfy in my favourite seat.
Raising my glass half-heartedly,
To all the friends I used to meet.

I’m drinking to your memory,
I’m drinking to regret.
I’m drinking to your health,
I’m drinking to forget.

I wonder if you’re close now?
In a room across the road.
Or are your living far away,
On the other side of the globe.

I could see if you are on Facebook,
I could send you a tweet.
Maybe if I looked hard I might
Spot your face in the street.

But no I stay in the pub corner,
Happily nursing my beer.
And if I think I see you passing,
I’ll not raise my glass in cheers.

You see I’ve found I don’t miss you,
I really don’t give a toss.
That we’re no longer friends,
It’s my gain and your loss.

So please keep your distance,
Stay away, stay in my past.
Cos I’ll stop thinking about you,
When I reach the bottom of my glass.


Taken from Diverse Verse a poetry anthology I compiled and being sold to raise money for charity.



I’m standing outside the office smoking
Watching the world rush around.
My feet tapping on the pavement
While my head wanders in the clouds.


Ahh it’s a sure we’re having better weather than yesterday as I can feel my optimism returning

Bloody Weather

bloody weather

Bloody snowy weather go away
Don’t you know it’s nearly May?
I want to shelve my winter clothes,
Plus turn off the heating in my home.
I’m so fed up with being cold,
Bloody weather do what your told.


Check out this great new poetry blog from a talented friend of mine

Black Country Wench Poetry Blog

‘Hello Dad it’s only me

How are you today?’

‘Who’s this?

Can’t hear you very well…

Hello?….What did you say?’

‘It’s ME! It is your DAUGHTER –

I promised you a call!’

‘Your WHAT?

A news reporter?

I don’t know anything at all!’


‘Dad it’s O-N-L-Y   M-E,

I thought ‘d say H-E-L-L-O!’

‘Eh? Who is this calling?

I can’t hear – I’ve got to go!’



‘…..I’ve got my telly on –

I’m afraid you’ll have to shout!’



‘If that’s you my darling daughter –

I can’t hear…

You’ll have to visit!’

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The Dirty Dozen, featuring Dr Meg Sorick

Had your Sunday Lunch? Then why not settle down with a cup of tea and enjoy another interview from Al.

A Certain Point of View

Welcome to the third edition of The Dirty Dozen!

This week, I’m incredibly privileged to be hosting Dr Meg Sorick in the Dirty Dozen “hotseat”.

Meg is the author of the Bucks County series of novels, and is a committed, engaged, and engaging blogger who can turn her hand to a range of writing styles (I particularly love her limericks, but check out her short stories too).

Read this insightful and revealing interview HERE!

The Dirty Dozen

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